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boost! Academy Masterclass Program

This is a mentorship program for individuals who want to improve their trading. The Masterclass program is considered by some as some sort of "shortcut", given Brian's 14 years of experience in trading PSE-listed stocks.

But as a potential enrollee, bear in mind though, that THERE IS NO TRUE SHORTCUT TO MASTERY as it needs REAL practice and experience which cannot be taught in a few sessions.

And since this is a "mentorship", this will go way and far beyond after the classes and discussions are over. So you can expect that this is not a one-time or short-term thing.


Operation: Trident

Operation: Trident (aka OPT) is an intermediate- advanced technical analysis class created by the top students of the boost! Academy's masterclass program. OPT showcases its own system and techniques where the lessons can be easily understood by anyone with basic understanding on technical analysis.

OPT provides the tools needed for better trading performance but also keep in mind that mastery can only be achieved through the participant's willingness, perseverance, and determination.